HTS Engineering solutions specialise in a complete Electrical design and Instrumentation systems, taking customers through their journey from conception to a fully engineered package utilising our mechanical engineering and design team as required.

Professionals in Electrical, Control and Safety engineering solutions in Hazardous and explosive locations and sites. We also have an in-depth understanding and extensive experience of providing and delivering Safety Instrumented Systems (SIL) and support, whilst establishing a successful niche in Functional Safety Services.

We have expanded our core capabilities to include Mechanical engineering design, resulting in enhanced customer support. Our recently introduced Fluid Systems Solutions enables us to facilitate the design and build of dosing and handling systems.


Where We Work

  • Storage & Distribution
    Storage & Distribution
  • Hazardous Waste
    Hazardous Waste
  • Gas Processing & Distribution
    Gas Processing & Distribution
  • Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas
  • Fire & Gas
    Fire & Gas
  • Water Treatment & Chemical Dosing
    Water Treatment & Chemical Dosing
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
    Food & Beverage
  • Research & Development
    Research & Development
  • Power Generation
    Power Generation
  • Renewables & Clean Energy
    Renewables & Clean Energy

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