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Hills Waste

Arvia, based in Runcorn, are a water treatment design and build house specialising in Tertiary Water treatment technology. After the successful delivery of our first project, AV001 – Ullswater, HTS Group were once again approached to develop a much larger and more powerful control panel with the addition of full graphical HMI display and control. This time however it would be the development of a control system for a Truck cleaning facility ensuring the reduction of organic and chemical pollutants could be minimized. This ensures the end user produces less non-recyclable waste destined for land fill. Saves waste, saves capital and goes hand in hand with HTS’ and Arvias commitment to develop cleaner and greener solutions.



  • Schematic design and G.A drawings
  • Control panel materials selection
  • Software and graphical HMI development
  • Heat calculations from the 300V power supply and design of control panel heat extraction
  • IIOT secure Remote access
  • Full build
  • Full FAT and functional test, ongoing support for end user changes of requirements

BS EN 60204-1:2018,

Due to the limitations of the footprint this control panel had to be and the much increased I/O that was required compared to our first project – AV001 – Ullswater – HTS developed a very sleek Master / Slave software arrangement.

This arrangement meant that we could pass on cost savings to Arvia by re-developing and adding to previous software whilst keeping the PLC platform consistent with previously proven products.

The client required full HMI graphical display and control whilst Arvia wanted to be able to access the HMI to log and provide statistical data that could mean the process could be further developed remotely.

HTS Group used the EXOR HMI and Corvina cloud remote accessibility to satisfy both the end user and Arvias requirement.

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