Case Studies

Pilot Plant – Ullswater

Arvia, based in Runcorn, are a water treatment design and build house specialising in Tertiary Water treatment technology.

Systems have been applied to the pharmaceutical, speciality chemical and agrochemical sectors to address treatment challenges at the tertiary stage.

Arvias trademark Nyex water treatment systems are designed to remove organic chemical pollutants and HTS Group were approached and selected to compliment their skid design with a bespoke control panel capable of delivering their own unique requirements.

Objective and Deliverables

  • Schematic review and G.A drawings
  • Control panel materials selection
  • Software and front panel analogue control
  • Heat calculations from the 300V power supply and design of control panel heat extraction
  • IIOT secure Remote access
  • Full build
  • Full FAT and functional test
  • BS EN 60204-1:2018

Process and Conclusions:

It was necessary to approach this project in a partnership model as there were a certain amount of unknowns in the required products and technology in providing a fully working system that could confidently be tested and used as a showpiece to clients around the world. Using the versatile Siemens Logo infrastructure of products it meant for a cost effective yet powerful solution that could be replicated and expanded for future projects.

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