Case Studies

East Of Shetland Pipeline System Tie-In To SIRGE

The tie-in facilities are to consist of a 30” x 10” tee inserted in the existing SIRGE pipeline, a double isolation valve arrangement to allow connection and tie-in to a new crossover pipeline between the EOSPS and the SIRGE pipelines, and a 10” future tie-in connection. The tie-in facilities will be located in a below ground concrete pit with only the tie-in point for the BP pipeline being above ground. Once completed, access to the pit will be by access stairs and platforms via removable roof panels which cover and secure the tie-in facilities.


Engineering, Specification, and design for a new Gas Detection system to be installed within the new SIRGE tie-in facility.

  • Wireless Gas Detection and signal transmission
  • Gas Mapping and Hazard Risk Assessments
  • Tie-into Site DCS and safety system (Yokogawa) signal mapping integration
  • Power & signal distribution
  • Site installation engineering and design
  • Gas detection selection and coverage of the gas detection against BS EN 60079-29 part 2 requirements and HSE guidance (‘the selection and use of flammable gas detectors’ and HSL/2001/06 Framework for HSE Guidance on Gas Detectors)

Site installation and commissioning for equipment installed within a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Small Bore fluid (6mm2 Stainless Steel) pipework installation for remote (bump) testing of the gas detectors.

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