What Is A SIL Certification?

A SIL (Safety Integrity Level) is a measurement of performance required for a safety instrumented function (SIF).

Despite the fact that it is not mandatory, many users of electric and electronic systems increasingly require certified components in terms of safety – and that’s where SIL certification comes in.

Obtaining a SIL certification encourages product perfection and helps improve its usability, but also ensures you are running a safe & sustainable system. 

A SIL certificate is also a guarantee of greater system reliability and since the IEC 61508 standard has been adopted all over the world.

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What Is SIL?

SIL is a relative level of risk reduction provided by a safety function and because only a handful of impartial, nationally accredited bodies can issue this type of certification, it provides assurance about a supplier’s SIL suitability.

SIL ratings correlate to the frequency and severity of hazards and determine the performance required to maintain and achieve safety — and the probability of failure.

There are four SILs — SIL 1, SIL 2, SIL 3, and SIL 4. The higher the SIL, the greater the risk of failure and the stricter the safety requirements.


What Products Can Be SIL Certified?

SIL certification is aimed at all products intended to be integrated into one or more safety functions.

This can be anything from sensors to mechanical valves, complex measurement systems or PLC’s.

It covers items that have been manufactured after it is issued or, in some cases, the remaining lifetime of the product.


Why Are SILS Important?

SIL ratings are vital because they determine the functional safety requirements you’ll need to fulfil and there are different recommendations for products based on SILs.

It’s worth remembering that, as costs increase significantly to achieve higher SIL levels, selecting the appropriate level must be done carefully.

Normally companies accept designs up to SIL2 as, over this, safety devices will likely shut down the monitored production line or even the entire plant in order to comply with these strict standards.


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