Is your Control Panel wasting energy and money?

At HTS Group we are always engaged to look at energy efficiencies in existing systems as well as incorporating these at the design stage of new systems in order to help save energy, operational & maintenance costs, and create a greener environment.

When choosing your control panel manufacturer, ask them the questions on how efficient their system is likely to be and what methods they use to reduce the running costs and protect the environment.


Do they consider Power Factor correction methods?

Efficiencies on plant machinery can be increased by improving the power factor of the equipment. Different types of compensation can be adopted depending on the performance requirements and complexity of control. Allowances for harmonics and operating conditions should also be considered. HTS can advise suitable cost-effective solutions for your needs.


How effective is the power distribution?

Not monitoring power usage is the most common factor in power losses and wastage. Through the use of the latest technology, PLC’s and smart networks, HTS can design, manufacture, build and install customised systems that provide power sharing of equipment so that power is distributed depending on the need, priority and system process, improving effectiveness and efficiency.


How do they choose contactors?

Are they always choosing low-consumption contactors where possible – these can significantly increase energy efficiency by reducing the number of power contacts and the nature of their low energy usage. HTS are at the forefront of engineering solutions and utilise proven designs with the latest energy saving components and technologies available.


How are they sizing controllers?

Effective design engineering can properly size the controllers to the process required and help reduce energy consumption. HTS carefully consider each aspect of the process to gain a full understanding and will advise solutions to meet your needs.


Effective use of HMI’s

The management of HMI’s backlights can save up to 60% of the power that they consume. Powering off displays when not required and also using the full functionality of the HMI to monitor and log energy consumption can be seen to be beneficial to the process. HTS consider these aspects on every project we do, and we will advise potential cost savings where possible.


Are they correctly specifying motor speed applications?

Fixed Speed / Variable speed and Adjustable speed drives should all be considered during specification and design stage of engineering. HTS Group can effectively prove to our clients the most efficient way to run their process.


Can we automate more?

By using smart controllers and PLC’s to monitor and log systems, it is possible to automate lights, fans, motors, compressors and ventilators throughout the process. HTS Group are experts with a proven track record at providing initial engineering solutions and any continued support where necessary.