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Sulphuric Acid Storage

Following a leak, the bund around the concentrated sulphuric acid tank required replacing and upgraded to ensure safer access, operability and maintainability. HTS provided a completed a package design and build solution to safely the deliver the replacement Bund, Mechanical and Electrical Installations and new access facilities.

Once the new bund was complete, the existing sulphuric acid tank was installed on the new plinth. Suitable pipework installed to allow convenient unloading of tankers of acid.

Other pipework was installed to place the tank discharge pump in a convenient location for maintenance. Specifically, the isolation valves for the pump will be reachable from outside the bund and electrical start/stop buttons and e-stops currently located inside the bund were relocated to be operable without entering the bund.



Provide installation and modifications work in preparation for the sulphuric acid bund replacement project:

  • Civil Engineering & Build of new bund
  • Electrical Engineering & installation works
  • Locate and berth Sulphuric Acid Tank
  • Locate and install associated pipework and equipment with the Acid tank
  • Relocate Tri-system (filters and pump) and fabricate new brackets
  • Manufacture and install new canopy over the new bund and new access ladder
  • Supply and install hose and hose reel to the adjacent waste acid area

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AGC007 - Sulphuric Acid Storage