Case Studies

PPS system

  • HTS Engineering Group was engaged by Engineering Safety Consultants Limited to assist in providing a Personnel Protection System for a National Science and Technology Laboratory. The project was being installed as a new system within the repurposing activity of an unused area of the facility. The finalised system was successfully validated to confirm that the requirements had been achieved with functionality and in compliance to the relevant phases of the Functional Safety standard BS EN 61511.

Objectives and Deliverables

HTS was engaged to design, build, install, and commission. The scope of work included application programming and hardware logic implementation. The system would include external signage and audible devices, which changed state based on the system health reflecting the information shown on the multiple HMI screens.
Documentation to be produced by HTS included:

  • Functional Design Specification, including application programming
  • Cause & Effects
  • Design documents
  • Validation Test Procedures (Functionality checks)
  • Technical Specification
Demand Rate High
SIL Target SIL 2
Safe State All outputs de-energised, corresponding to all system permits off, inhibiting other equipment systems operation.
Proof Test Interval 1 Year
Response Time < 1sec

Process and Conclusions

The project was completed in collaboration with ESC’s team of engineers to ensure that the client was provided with the key safety lifecycle documentation for support of the laboratories continued compliance to BS EN 61511 for the system.

The project was a full software and panel design and build of an interlock system with a control cabinet and HMI’s. It was built at HTS engineering’s purpose developed facilities at The Heath in Runcorn where it was subsequently tested and a full handover documentation package delivered to the customer.

The result is that the system provides the required protection to ensure that personnel are restricted from entering the high radiation area when experiments are being conducted at the facility. The system has sufficient provision for the on-going testing and maintenance requirements to maintain compliance to the relevant standards, namely BS EN 61511.

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