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Mini Test Cell Control Panels

INOVYN’s portfolio consists of an extensive range of class-leading products arranged across General Purpose Vinyls; Specialty Vinyls; Organic Chlorine Derivatives; Chlor Alkali; Hydrogen and Vinyls Technologies.

The Mini Testcell Expansion project required 4 off portable test rigs complete with control panels for the operation of a mini test cell, data logging of the cell temperature and the voltage is available if required. The 4 off portable test rigs were to be installed in Lab 22 at the ETB TC Runcorn.

HTS was engaged to build the control panels and manufactured to comply with Inovyn specification document ICEG2.04.29 Electrical Control Panels, Control Cubicles and Individual Starters.

Objectives and Deliverables

  • Full Panel build to INOVYN schematics
  • Interpretation of customer hand drawn sketches to full G.A layout drawings
  • Testing of the wiring point to point, power up,
  • Full function test
  • Test documentation and full signed off handover package.
  • Built to BS EN 60204-1:2018 and further bespoke INOVYN compliances

PROCESS and Conclusions

  • Working remotely at the time due to COVID, HTS Group were an early adopter of TEAMS software which meant project planning, documents and client meeting could be fully visible throughout the HTS team.
  • INOVYN could only provide hand drawn sketches due to the limitations of COVID and lack of office time.
  • This early adoptive approach to remote managing projects, sharing live information and having online documentation allowed H TS Group to fully satisfy the clients requirements in terms of Time/Scope/Budget.

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