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Engineering, design, build and Construction Works Haz Area

Following a recent Intervention and based upon the recent works carried out to review the strength and capability of the existing SLF MCC and BPCS systems the following is required:

  • Remove operator interface within an existing SLF operator / switch room
  • Provide remote operation and control for the SLF plant and motors
  • Upgrade the existing SLF MCC to endure it is compliant with UK standards and best practice engineering
  • Migrate all controls, safety, and monitoring functions to a single platform

Engineering and design for the integration of the existing 32 electrical motors for pumps, agitators, etc. this will incorporate any existing field start / stop control circuits for pumps:

Specification, Engineering and design for the existing and new process instrumentation and monitoring:

New Switch room specification, design, and build (GRP off-site build) for a new 630amp MCC and integrated control & Safety system.

New field installation for Exia and ExE/D equipment located in potentially explosive area for Gas.

Tie-into existing field equipment via new Junction boxes and rerouting of field cables.

Overhaul and update the field infrastructure for Actuated valve operation and pneumatic distribution.

Electrical Testing and Inspections in-line with 18th Edition Regs BS7671 and BS EN 60079 Explosive atmospheres. Electrical installations inspection and maintenance. Part 17

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